Hello! I'm Mishhe!

If you're interested in commissioning me, please read the T&C before applying the form in 'FORMS'. 

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USD 20 | USD 40

I moved my ko-fi commissions here! These are done as fast as I could, so it's only available for one-time payment. 


USD 120+

A halfbody shot of your character, the painting ending at the character's crotch to knee area. I can draw couples in this size, too.


USD 200+

For more specific, composition-heavy commissions! If you'd like to have a heavier emphasis on the piece's storytelling, here's where you can find it as an option!


USD 70+

A portrait of your character(s) up to their bust. Perfect for icons or if you'd like to see your character's face in greater detail!


USD 150+

A fullbody shot of your character. I can draw couples in this size, too.

Character Design

USD 300+

I can provide a design of a character for you even if you don't have a final design for them yet. Examples are characters for D&D, or other TRPG games!